Friday, 17 June 2011

The Student of KUST in trouble due to water deficiency in KUST

JMC:17 june. 2011, The student as well as faculty and administrative staff of KUST on face a vital problem of water in KUST because the main tank of water is empty due to unknown reason.

Hangu to Kurram student gather at B1 hotel mess

JMC:17 june,2011,Hangu to kurram student gather at B1 hostel for praying (doua) for those student who are killed(Shaheed) in peshawar khyber super market in blast.Progaramme start with recition of holy Quran.The president of Hangu to Kurram president Nik Muhammad adressed to the participants and said that we strongly condemed the peshawar blast.Students are peaceful part of society so therefore governament should to provide protection to student and also goverament announced financial aid for those students who killed in blast and take the responsibility of the treatement of the injurred students.


The English Language Teaching Reforms (ELTR) Phase II
Of science and technology collaboration with higher education
Commission.The chief guiest of this workshop was the Voice Chancellor of kohat university of science and technology Professor Dr.Nasir Jamal Khattak.Many resource persons deliverd lectures on research skill development.the resource persons Dr.Umer Ali from Gomal University,Dr.Ibrahim Khattak from Peshawar University,Dr. Ismaeel Wali from institute of management sciences Peshawar,Dr. Zeelaqat from Peshawar University,Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain from KUST (I.E.R),Dr. Mamoon Khattak from sociology department KUST.The chief organizer of this workshop was Dr. Muhammad Naeem Butt .The chief Organizer Dr. Naeem Butt says that the aims and objectives of this workshop to highlight the research skills in the participant. They said we will arrange in future further workshops to highlight the hide qualities in the teacher as well as students. The last day lecture delivered by Professor Dr. Umer Ali he said that we should to utilized the our inner ability to create new innovation for young generation and we all should to try to mould the young generation to ward research techniques.In the workshop take part Professor and Lecturers male and female from different colleges of kohat division as well as different department of kohat university of science and technology Mr zafrullah khan KUST,Mr Shujaat Ali KUST,Miss Saadia khan KUST,Mr Muazzam sharif KUST,Mr Intekhab Alam KUST,Miss Salma Begum KUST ,Miss Bushra Uzma KUST, Mr Farrukh kamran KUST,Mr Akbar Hayat GDC Hangu, Zia ur rehman GDC Hangu,Miss Shsbnum Darakhshan GPGC for Women Kohat,Mr Sadiq Saghri GPGC for boy Kohat,Mr Wajib ullah Khan GPGC for boy kohat,Mr Faridullah KUST,Mr Muhammad Rafiq  GDC Bagan Kurram Agency,Mr Abdul Hamid KUST,Miss Sadaf Noureen GPGC Kohat for women

JMC KUST:  The Mehfal e Qiraat and Naat held at Kohat university of science and technology in central library hall at night time. The program arranged under the observation of the curriculum activity department of Kohat University of science and technology. The chief organizer of this programe Shahab ud Din Orakzai  student of Sociology department Kohat university of science and technology.The progrme start with reciting of holy Quran.The stage is run by Hameed Subhani.The chief guiest of this programe was the Registrar Professor Abdullah Khan. There are different Qaries and Naat khawans participate the mehfal e Qirat and Naat from different areas of Kohat and participate the student of Kohat University of science and technology from different departments.There are a larger number of students participate the Mehfal e Qiraat and Naat programe.The district awarded Naat khwan Asif Torabi present their kalam to the participants.The chief guiest Professor Abdullah Khan addressed to the participant in the light of Quran and Hadith, he said that all the universe me and you created by Allah. We should to maintain our life on the procedure of Islam and also we should to do the action through we get inner satisfaction through goodness and we should for humanity. At last chief Organizer Shahab ud Din Orakzai  thanks to all participants.

Inter instituational meeting held at KUST.

Figure 1:Orakzai student group photo with Presidents Umer Hayat Orakzai,Naeem Orakzai,
            Sami Orakzai,Adil Orakzai and other students.

Inter instituational meeting held at KUST.
JMC KUST:7 june,2011  held under the supervision of all triable student masher Umer Hayat Orakzai,they discussed different matters, the meeting were also attained by the president of Orakzai student welfare society KUST Sami ul Haq Orakzai ,prisedent of agriculture university Peshawar Muhammad Adnan Orakzai, president Peshawar university Muhammad Naeem Orakzai, president PACK academy Peshawar Adil Orakzai and many other Orakzai student.They decide to established all Pakistan Orakzai student welfare society on country level, on the occasion Umer Hayat said that when we unite then we will be able to achieve our aims and goals. Finally they unanimously decide to arrange a grant party in coming days

Sociology student going on trip from Friday

Sociology student going on trip from Friday
JMC KUST: June 8,2011 Kohat university of science and technology Sociology department student will going on three days trip from coming Friday to Galiyaat.The organizer of this trip will be Shahab ud Din Orakzai, Rahim ud Din Afridi, Fawad Niazi, and Femal Organizer miss Tayba from math department. This trip will contain on Master and Bachlor students. Shsahab ud  Din Orakzai said that the mean of the to learn and enjoy the weather and pleasant moment of the galliyaat. He said the trip will be useful for us because the non curriculum activities also part of our study so therefore all students must plan for trip